Nightgown 3 long Camille Pink
Nightgown 3 long Camille Pink

Nightgown 3 long Camille Pink

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Start the day in a cloud of pink hearts.

Jamdani weaving, made of cotton muslin woven very thin by skilled craftsmen. This technique is enhanced by the fineness of the fabric. 

The art of Jamdani weaving has been practiced in Bangladesh and eastern India, in the Bengal region for centuries. 

The work is very slow and meticulous, requiring hours of work. The patterns are created directly on the handloom, using the discontinuous weft technique. 

This work is included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO since 2013. 

Each piece is unique and may have irregularities that are not defects, but proof of the authenticity of the craftsman's work. 

GrandPa" shape nightgown with round neck and long sleeves. Mid-calf length with swallow finish.

One size fits all.

Machine washable at 30°C.